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    News Logitech Re-Launches ‘Legendary’ MX518 Mouse with 16,000 DPI Sensor

    Logitech this week introduced its all-new MX518 mouse, which incorporates its latest HERO sensor as well as a new SoC. The new mouse is designed to be better than its predecessor from 14 years ago in every aspect possible, but one of the things still remained intact: its ambidextrous shape that...
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    News Xilinx Announce New RFSoCs for 5G, Covering Sub-6 GHz and mmWave

    More often than not, embedded wireless equipment, the infrastructure that powers it, and the systems that test the deployed hardware don’t just use off-the-shelf parts. As with 4G and 3G before it, the range of technologies required for 5G requires the backbone for deployment and testing. This...
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    News Hands on with the Samsung S10+, S10, and S10e: Which Witch is Which?

    Standing as the world’s largest smartphone retailer, Samsung’s flagship family leads the way into how the company sees the next generation of user experience and interaction. Each release has a different level of fanfare, and this year was slightly eclipsed by the announcement of the Samsung...
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    News NVIDIA Quietly Releases GeForce MX250 & MX230: Entry-Level Laptop GeForce

    With the launch of their GeForce 20 Series parts already well underway, it was only a matter of time until NVIDIA updated their low-end parts as well, and that time has finally arrived. Quietly published on NVIDIA’s website this morning are the product pages for the GeForce MX250 and MX230...
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    News Arctic Preps Freezer 50 TR: A ‘0 dB’ Cooler for AMD’s Threadripper

    At an event for gamers in Leipzig, Germany, Arctic demonstrated a prototype of one the industry’s first partially-passive cooling systems for AMD’s Threadripper processors. The Freezer 50 TR is a sizable heatsink-fan cooler that is specifically designed to be able to cool a Threadripper...
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    News Samsung Announces The Galaxy S10: 10th Anniversary Trio

    It’s hard to believe, but it’s actually been 10 years now since Samsung released the first iteration of the Galaxy line of phones. The Galaxy S started a wave of success for Samsung that continued on in its various iterations over the years. Today, in a slight change of pace, Samsung is holding...
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    News Samsung Announces The Galaxy Fold: The First Folding Smartphone

    Samsung has unveiled the its first ever folding smartphone - the Galaxy Fold. This story is breaking news, we'll update as the event... UNFOLDS!
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    News The Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019 Live Blog (Starts at 2pm ET/19:00 UTC)

    I'm here at the London venue for Samsung's global Galaxy Unpacked event. Samsung's annual gathering for flagship smartphone news, we'll be seeing the eagerly awaited (and widely leaked) Samsung Galaxy S10 series of phones. And maybe a few other surprises along the way?
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    News BenQ Unveils PD3220U Professional Monitor with AQColor, TB3, HDR10, & KVM

    BenQ has introduced a new professional-grade display aimed at designers. The BenQ DesignVue PD3220U monitor supports virtually all color gamuts currently used by professionals, and can even display images in two different color spaces at the same time in BenQ’s DualView mode. Meanwhile, like...
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    News Arm Announces Neoverse N1 & E1 Platforms & CPUs: Enabling A Huge Jump In Infrastructure Performance

    Anybody following the industry over the last decade will have heard of Arm. We best know the company for being the enabler and providing the architecture as well as CPU designs that power essentially all of today’s mobile devices. The last 7-5 years in particular we’ve seen meteoric advances in...
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    News TSMC’s Fab 14B Photoresist Material Incident: $550 Million in Lost Revenue

    TSMC on Friday revealed more details regarding an incident with a photoresist material at its Fab 14B earlier this year. The contaminated chemical damaged wafers on TSMC’s 12 nm and 16 nm lines, and the company now expects the full impact of the event to reduce their revenue by a whopping $550...
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    News Intel's First 4.0 GHz Pentium: Pentium Gold G5620 Listed At Retail

    A number of European retailers have started listing new Celeron and the Pentium Gold-branded processors, which indicates that the world’s largest CPU supplier is about to formally announce the products. Topping the list of new processors is the Pentium G5620, which happens to be Intel's first...
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    News Alldocube X Android Tablet Quick Look: Low-Cost OLED

    Back in August we first talked about the Alldocube X tablet, launching with Android 8.1. The company sent us one to check out, so I’ve run some tests on it to kick the tires a bit. This isn’t going to be a full review, but some first impressions along with some performance levels. The Android...
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    News Samsung to Cease Selling Blu-ray Players in the US

    Surprisingly for the electronics titan, Samsung has not released any new Blu-ray or Ultra HD Blu-ray players for the US market since 2017. And now in 2019 it looks like their development of Blu-ray players has ceased entirely, as the company recently confirmed that it has no plans to release any...
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    News The Samsung 983 ZET (Z-NAND) SSD Review: How Fast Can Flash Memory Get?

    Samsung's 983 ZET is a high-end enterprise SSD and the first retail drive to feature Samsung's low-latency SLC Z-NAND flash memory. Designed for highly performance-bound workloads that favor IOPS and minimal latency above all else, the 983 ZET is designed to compete with the likes Intel's Optane...
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    News Qualcomm Announces X55 Modem: 5G Multi-mode & New Advanced ICs

    It's been an eventful few months for Qualcomm – back in December the company had unveiled the first reference designs of the Snapdragon 855 and demonstrated integration with the 5G X50 modem. It’s easy to forget that the X50 modem has had quite of a long time to market, as we had first reported...
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    News Intel Details New 9th Gen CPUs for Notebooks: i9-9980HK to i5-9300H

    Intel is yet has to announce its 9th Gen Core processors for laptops officially, but because the company needs to sort out all the things with authorities and regulators well in advance of actual product launches, CPU model numbers and general specifications have been published well ahead of the...
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    News Newegg Lists ASUS ROG Dominus Extreme Motherboard, More Xeon CPUs Supported

    One of the interesting elements to Intel’s unlocked 28-core Xeon W-3175 processor launch was that the motherboard options to support this processor were minimal. At present only ASUS and GIGABYTE have shown designs for it, and the GIGABYTE model is still a few months from production. As a...
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    News Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab S5e: 10.5-Inch sAMOLED with USB-C

    Samsung today introduced its new mid-range Google Android-based tablet. Despite its formal positioning for consumers, the Galaxy Tab S5e features a rather large 10.5-inch sAMOLED display, a decent SoC, plenty of memory as well as storage, an advanced audio sub-system, a USB Type-C connector, and...
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    News Playing Chicken: Kentucky Fried Intel Core i9-9900KFC Processor Listed

    If every letter has a special meaning for a feature in a product, and a product portfolio offers a mix and match of those features, then eventually a combination of letters will end up with a secondary meaning. Today we’re seeing the beginning of the Kentucky Fried version of Intel: in the...
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