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    Обзор Apple may be planning to launch the Vision Pro in March 2024


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    Credit: Apple
    • A new report claims that Apple plans on launching the Vision Pro in March 2024 in the US.
    • According to the report, Apple may have initially planned to release the headset in January.
    • The device is expected to arrive in other countries by the end of the year.

    When Apple announced the Vision Pro, it provided plenty of information about the new hardware. One thing the Cupertino firm omitted, however, was an exact release date, only offering a launch window of early 2024. But a new report may have helped narrow down that window to a specific month.

    Apple is reportedly aiming for March 2024 to release its new mixed-reality headset, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The Apple insider claims that the company was initially planning to launch the Vision Pro in January next year, but is still in the process of preparing distribution plans and conducting final device testing.
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