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    News Someone finally made a heat pump that looks good inside your home


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    Quilt uses ductless heat pump-powered mini-split units combined with touchscreen remote controls to heat and cool your home. | Image: Quilt (Cayce Clifford)

    A new company founded by three former Googlers is looking to disrupt the somewhat staid mini-split industry. Quilt is a new “home climate system” — a ductless HVAC system that uses heat pump-powered mini-split units to heat and cool your home.

    Two things make Quilt stand out from the start: it’s smart and pretty. The system has built-in millimeter-wave radar sensors for precision occupancy detection, so you can choose to heat and cool only occupied rooms. They work with a smartphone app and a stylish touchscreen remote called the Dial, and the system uses predictive algorithms to heat and cool your home as efficiently as possible.

    Each Quilt unit is a ductless mini-split, but rather than large white boxes on your wall, Quilt has...

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