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    News The best Black Friday deals you can get for under $25


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    Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

    Every Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there’s always a ton of hype about the discounts on big-ticket items — you know, the deals on the OLED TVs, game consoles, and tablets of the world. But it never fails that many of the ultra-cheap items make for some of the most clutch deals, namely because spending very little on a small accessory you end up using all the time can be the most gratifying.

    This year, we’re once again keeping an eye out for the best tech deals on those little gadgets and gizmos under $25. We’ve also got a roundup for those working with a $100 budget, but the items below are pretty much as cheap as you can get in the tech world without simply buying absolute crap that’s destined to end up as e-waste.

    Some of these...

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