Avid-EDL to GEMA-VB Converter

AVID Avid-EDL to GEMA-VB Converter 3.4

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Avid-EDL to GEMA-VB Converter V3.4.

Demo Version --> Download
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The program counts the timecode and outputs the sound tracks to prepare the sheet for the GEMA.

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Edl to Gema.JPG

Open the prepared EDL

Edl to Gema1.JPG

Select the appropriate time format and click calculate TC

Edl to Gema2.JPG

Select in which format to record the result.


Edl to Gema3.JPG


Edl to Gema5.JPG

Output to Excel tabele, Excel must be installed.

Edl to Gema4.JPG
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