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    News Best Black Friday monitor deals: Nov 24


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    Black Friday is a spectacular time for monitor deals. Whether you’re into watching movies, working all day, or competitive gaming at night, a good monitor can make a huge difference.

    But choosing the right monitor specs can be downright stressful. From the various refresh rates to display sizes and response times, it can be a lot to take in. That’s why we put together a list of the best monitor deals. We’ve also included an FAQ section that addresses what to look for in a good monitor.

    Black Friday mainstream monitor deals

    Sometimes all you want is the basics. So, if you’re looking for an affordable, everyday monitor for office work or casual use, consider the following.

    • Acer R240HY, 23.8-inch 1080p display/60Hz refresh rate/16:9 aspect ratio/4ms response time, $99.99 ($50 off at Amazon)
    • Acer SB220Q, 21.5-inch 1080p display/16:9 aspect ratio/75Hz refresh rate/4ms response time, $79.99 ($20 off at Amazon)
    • LG 24MR400-B.AUSQ, 24-inch 1080p display/100Hz refresh rate/5ms response time, $79.99 ($90 off at Best Buy)
    • HP M22f, 21.5-inch 1080p display/75Hz refresh rate/5ms response time/Adaptive Sync, $89.99 ($55 off at Best Buy)
    • Dell S2721DS, 27-inch 1440p display/75Hz refresh rate/4ms response time, $179.99 ($80 off at Dell)
    • HP M32fw, 31.5-inch 1080p display/75Hz refresh rate/7ms response time, $199.99 ($100 off at HP)
    • Dell P2722H, 27-inch 1080p display/60Hz refresh rate/5ms response time, $199 ($120 off at B&H)
    • Samsung LF24T350FHNXZA, 24-inch 1080p display/75Hz refresh rate/5ms response time, $99.99 ($80 off at B&H)

    My top pick: The best bang for your buck is going to be the Acer R240HY at Amazon. For just $99.99, you’re getting a 1080p display with a reasonable 60Hz refresh rate. That’s perfectly suitable for day-to-day tasks and office work.

    Black Friday gaming monitor deals

    When it comes to fast-paced PC gaming, every frame counts. That’s why you should consider getting a proper gaming monitor, as they’re designed to make your game look as smooth as possible when the action is furiously fast. We can highly recommend the deals below.

    • Samsung LC24F396FHNXZA, 23.5-inch curved 1080p display/60z refresh rate/4ms response time/FreeSync, $109.99 ($80 off at Amazon)
    • Acer Nitro XV0, 31.5-inch 1440p display/144Hz refresh rate/1ms response time, $179.99 ($165 off at Target)
    • Acer Nitro XZ270, 27-inch 1080p display/240Hz refresh rate/1ms response time/Adaptive Sync, $159.99 ($155 off at Amazon)
    • Samsung Odyssey Neo G7, 43-inch 4K display/144Hz refresh rate/1ms response time/Adaptive Sync, $499.99 ($500 off at Best Buy)
    • Samsung Odyssey G51C, 32-inch 1440p display/165Hz refresh rate/1ms response time/Adaptive Sync, $249.99 ($150 off at Best Buy)
    • Alienware AW3423DWF, 34-inch 1440p display/165Hz refresh rate/0.1ms response time/Adaptive Sync, $799.99 ($200 off at Best Buy)
    • Dell S3422DWG, 34-inch curved 1440p display/144Hz refresh rate/2ms response time/AMD FreeSync, $349.99 ($150 off at Dell)
    • Alienware AW2523HF, 25-inch 1080p display/360Hz refresh rate/1ms response time/AMD FreeSync, $299.99 ($150 off at Dell)
    • LG UltraWide, 35-inch curved 1440p display/100Hz refresh rate/21:9 aspect ratio/5ms response time/FreeSync, $419 ($180 off at B&H)
    • Acer ED320Q Xbmiipx, 31.5-inch 1080p display/240Hz refresh rate/1ms response time/FreeSync Premium, $179.99 ($70 off at B&H)

    My top pick: If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate gaming experience, the Acer Nitro XZ270 is a phenomenal option. It has a ridiculously fast 240Hz refresh rate as well as a 1ms response time. In other words, gameplay should be lusciously smooth. At just $159.99, it’s a stunning deal.

    Black Friday 4K monitor deals

    4K monitors are great for content creation thanks to their high resolutions and larger screens. Although they’re a good choice for editors who need to see the finer details of their work, there’s really nothing like watching an epic movie on a 4K display, too. So, whether you’re a video editor or a movie buff, we’ve got quite a few options below.

    • Dell UltraSharp U2723QE, 27-inch 4K display/60Hz refresh rate/5ms response time, $539.99 ($240 off at Dell)
    • Dell USB-C Hub Monitor P2723QE, 27-inch 4K display/60Hz refresh rate/8ms response time, $419.99 ($140 off at Dell)
    • Samsung UR59, 32-inch curved 4K display/60Hz refresh rate/16:9 aspect ratio, $299.99 ($150 off at Amazon)
    • Samsung UJ59, 32-inch 4K display/16:9 aspect ratio/60Hz refresh rate, $269.99 ($70 off at Amazon)
    • HP U28, 28-inch 4K display/60Hz refresh rate/4ms response time/16:9 aspect ratio, $339.99 ($110 off at HP)
    • HP Z32k G3, 31.5-inch 4K display/60Hz refresh rate/5ms response time, $755 ($84 off at HP)

    My top pick: The Samsung UR59 is a fantastic monitor for content creators because of its size. This display measures a spacious 32-inches, which is ideal for getting those minute details just right. It also features a refresh rate of 60Hz and an aspect ratio of 16:9, a perfect combination for Office work. 4K monitors sure are a lot more affordable than they used to be!


    When is Black Friday 2023?

    Black Friday is on Friday, Nov 24th. If you consider yourself an avid deals hunter, we’d suggest going online in the early hours to take advantage of the best deals. Deals tend to change and expire at a breakneck pace.

    When is Cyber Monday 2023?

    Cyber Monday is on Monday, Nov 27th. For the best deals, we’d recommend logging on at midnight, as stock tends to deplete rather quickly.

    Are Black Friday/Cyber Monday monitor deals really worth it?

    Yes, absolutely, you can find some great deals on monitors during the week of Black Friday/Cyber Monday—as evidenced by the great deals in the article above. Mind you, in some tech categories—like say, wireless earbuds or phone chargers—you’ll see discounts on off-brand gear we’d never recommend. But when it comes to monitors, highly reputable brands like HP, Dell, Samsung and Lenovo will drop prices on great models. PCWorld strives to only recommend deals on solid monitors that are experiencing legitimate pricing drops. To this end, we look for models that have reached or fallen below their all-time-low prices.

    Are Black Friday/Cyber Monday monitor deals lower quality?

    No, there’s no reason why the monitor deals you find during Black Friday should be lower quality—at least if you focus on the big-name manufacturers like Samsung, Philips, LG, Dell, HP, Lenovo and so on. It’s true that some of the discounted monitors may be 2021 models, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Monitor tech moves rather slowly and there won’t be major quality differences between 2022 and 2023 models. The important thing is to get a monitor at a legitimately lower price—and we have done the heavy lifting to curate those legit deals.

    What should I look for in a Black Friday/Cyber Monday monitor?

    Ah, we’ve arrived at the question of the hour.

    Let’s first talk about refresh rate, which is important if you’re looking for a gaming monitor. The refresh rate is how fast a monitor can redraw the image on its screen. The faster the refresh rate, the smoother your visuals will look. For competitive first-person shooters, we’d recommend 120Hz as the minimum rate. Anything higher is good enough for the esports realm, while 60Hz is fine for office monitors.

    Resolution is another important feature to consider. Much like the refresh rate, the higher the number, the better. We’re talking about the quality of images and video here. 1080p is the bare minimum for most monitors. However, if you’re a video editor, bumping the resolution up to 4K makes a massive difference, as it allows you to see more detail.

    The final thing is the screen size. 27 inches is the most common and a good size for a home office. For gaming monitors, 24 or 27 inches is best. Sometimes a larger screen causes eye strain and if you’re going to be staring at one for hours, it’s better to go a bit smaller. For 4K monitors, 32-inches is a good option, as it gives you quite a bit of screen to work with.

    Where can I find the highest rated monitors?

    PCWorld reviews new monitors every month. So, if you want to see the models we’ve rated the highest, check out our rankings for the best monitors of 2023. We also have more granular picks on the best gaming monitors, as well as the best 4K monitors for desktop workstations. Come Black Friday, a lot of our top picks may be on sale, so don’t limit your shopping only to the deals we’ve called out above.

    What Black Friday/Cyber Monday retailers should I check out?

    Amazon’s going to have a slew of awesome deals. That’s a given. However, for monitors, you should definitely peruse the main pages of HP, Dell and Lenovo. Personally, I find myself going directly to the manufacturers more often than not. You can also widen your net and scope out other online retailers like Best Buy and Newegg.

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