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    News Get 48 Amazon Basics AA batteries for $13 during Black Friday


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    Batteries: They’re the unheralded tech that keeps all the rest of your gear running. But many folks forgot to toss a pack into their cart when they’re picking up gizmos and toys to shove under the Christmas tree. Santa quickly turns into the Grinch when your gifts won’t power up.

    Think ahead this Black Friday week. You can grab a massive 48 pack of Amazon Basics AA batteries for just $13.10 during the annual deals fest. That’s a killer deal for a huge helping of the most common batteries around. You’ll have plenty to toss a couple into any gifts you give and still have a stockpile for the house.

    Amazon’s also discounting other types of batteries as well. You can grab a 36-pack of AAA batteries for just over $15, or an eight pack of beefier 9-volt batteries for $12.99. That’s a huge discount over the Energizers and Duracells of the world, and if you blow through batteries often, you can save another 40 percent by adding any of these to an Amazon “subscribe and save” order.

    Get 48 Amazon Basics AA batteries for $13.10

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